About Us

Since 1994, Gültekin Technical has been active in the field of heating and cooling systems sales, as well as in mechanical installations and related services. We offer a wide range of products and have a proud history, which is detailed in our customer portfolio. A pioneer in our sector, we pursue the motto “world of solutions.” We conduct our business without compromising service, always focusing on customer satisfaction.

For more than 20 years, our company has focused on quality service and environmental awareness, as indicated by our attainment of the Quality Management System ISO 9001 -2000 certification and the 14001 Environmental Management System certification. Our name is synonymous with quality in our sector and many leading companies are proud to work with us. We ensure that our company’s progress in in line with the aforementioned principles. Gültekin Technical is proud to be a “world of solutions” for each and every problem that our valued customers come across.

purposes, we are proud of our righteous and quality services and guarantee being the “world of solutions” for each and every problem that our beloved customers might come across.