Quality Policy

Our policy is to be a “world of solutions” and we aim to maintain customer satisfaction by generating durable solutions in the sectors that we conduct business.


Gültekin Technical is focused on the continuous development and enhancement of its quality system. To this end, all resources required by the Quality Management System have been acquired.

The quality policy aims to motivate the firm’s employees and satisfy its customers. In line with these goals, the company’s progress is annually reviewed. All legal requirements have been satisfied, relevant documents have been prepared and implementation of the policy has taken place.

  1. Customer focus

The company aims to provide customer satisfaction by keeping track of their wishes and complaints and by reviewing those in order to prevent the same complaints from arising in the future.

In addition, a survey is conducted annually in order to better monitor customer reactions and to provide more efficient service. Questionnaires are sent to our customers, who fill them out with their observations and send them in. Our customer service department reviews these questionnaires carefully and compiles a report about their findings.

In light of the information gained, administrative review meetings are held by the General Director, through which necessary decisions for customer satisfaction are made and put into practice.

  1. Quality Policy

We have established a Quality Policy, which forms the basis of our quality objectives and which includes themes such as customer satisfaction, fulfillment of customer requirements and perpetual development.

We guarantee that the Quality Policies of Gültekin Technical are known at every rank of the Organization and are effectively implemented. The Quality Policy, its implementation and maintenance are made visible within the company by posting it in proper places, providing training for the employees of every rank and by discussing its terms regularly at meetings.

Our quality policy is as follows:

  1. Planning and Quality Objectives

The quality objectives are determined in line with the realization of our quality policy, and are determined on an annual basis by the general director and department heads. In order to ensure perpetual improvement within the company, sub-objectives are assigned to each department. The procedures needed in order to accomplish these predetermined objectives are then discussed at administrative review meetings.